Fun at the barn!

Sequoia and Maddie!

Camille and Rocket!
Pete and Willow...Go Us! 
 Kumi and Olivia!

                                           Felicia and Li'l Bit!



Christine starting Shabaz!

First we rock Shabaz.  Get him use
to close contact, pressure and movement.

Then Christine bellly's over.  Holds it, then slowly brings her leg over while still laying forward.  Then slowly she raises up to a seated position.  A few steps are taken then the process is reversed to dismount.  Yeah!

Shantilly Foundered!

Equine laminitis is a vascular disease associated with areas of ischemia or hemostasis within the laminae. The laminae secure the coffin bone/distal phalanx to the hoof wall. Inflammation associated with delamination interferes with the wall/bone bond. In advanced laminitis, the coffin bone becomes detached from the horny wall and may rotate or sink. In lay terms, this is known as “founder,” from the maritime term meaning to sink. 

laminitis hoof changes
Fig. 1 Laminitis and Founder
Laminitis Hoof Structure Changes


The Vet (David from Eagle Fern ) working his magic!

Any Old Boards or Tin Roofing Material Laying Around?

R&R could certainly use some 4x4's or 4x6"s 10-12 feet long
and some tin roofing to fix and expand some winter shelter
for the horses.
Thanks for your help!

Thank you Jim Hart from the Sandy Post!

Thank you for the great front page article on Leslie
and her crew of girls (volunteers) and horses
at our wonderful horse rescue and rehab facility!

Sandy Post to Spot Light R&R NewOptions

Jim Hart from the Sandy Post came out for a visit!
We're hoping for some help to get the word out
about Leslie's new book, our great organization, the
horses we help and the people who volunteer.

Don't forget, all proceeds from the book, riding lessons, pony parties, Belgian wagon rides and t-shirts go to care for our rescued horses!

Helping Another Horse Rescue!

A woman with 8 rescues comes to R&R for help.
Aunt Les donates hay and wormer to help.